Why it works

In simple it works cause our eyes are designed to watch for motion. Over thousands of years we still watch carefully for things coming and going to keep ourselves safe. This same thought can be placed into marketing when a static image is driven around it forces you to take a look. The idea was first used in car wraps but you soon learn that changing them out as often as we can or add is cost prohibitive and timely. Thank a caveman for evolving to to see motion first as a threat alert. Thousands of years later and we still benefit from this. Only know we've created an advertising solution that takes advantage of it. 

The blue graphic shows the impressions and how your marketing dollars make sense when spending. Why settle for stationary when just like a great pizza you can have it delivered. Everything looks better on our mobile screen.


When the truck is at its full capacity of 12 advertisers every advertisement receives 1320 cycles per day during the 11 hours of daily runtime. Below is some line ups of how this effects your return.


1320 cycles per day at max capacity

6,600 cycles per week

28,380 cycles per month

At the end of a month nearly 80 hours or two full work weeks have been broadcasted with your messages on our trucks screens. To go deeper this accounts for 100 people on average viewing your ad every time it cycles.  This translates to 1,429,800 views per month with a return of $.002 per ROI in viewership. Again these numbers are based on low average and not rush hour traffic patterns but the average daily per minute viewership through out the St. Louis Metro area.​


  • Restaurant wanting to showcase new items or limited time offerings

  • Boutique or Furniture showcasing designer pieces

  • Tax Season and you want to promote limited run and need blanket coverage

  • Event wanting to draw in a crowd for the venue or concert

  • Large brand looking to place your image along your customers daily

  • Realtor that can showcase listings weekly that cater to the area

  • Construction and Home improvement and what better way than to catch your customers coming and going to work or home

  • Shopping centers promoting a brand or service and need to change ads timely

  • Tanning, Fitness, Lifestyle features showcasing weekly specials or new you, new year

  • Medical and looking to influence patients to your state of the art practice

  • Anyone wanting to offer a customer something right know and needs the promotion seen


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