More Than A Billboard

  • We go where billboards can't. 

  • 97% Recall rate for mobile advertising vehicles.

  • Traditional billboards lose impact after only three to four views.

  • Your ads on display during peak drive times.

  • Your digital message is easily changeable.

  • Your advertising message can be changed to match time of day or location.

  • Survey shows 30% of consumers would buy after viewing mobile vehicle advertising.


How Do You Use Us?

Rolling Billboard

For the cost of one billboard in one location you get full coverage of all major roadways in the St. Louis Metro area. Our routes cover rush hour traffic, major interstates, busy secondary roadways, and parked locations throughout the day in busy areas.


Our advertising vehicles showcasing your messaging exclusively. We design your routes, times, and ads with you to best capture your customers attention. Show one ad on all screens or different ads that rotate on multiple screens


This option gives you total control of vehicles for as long as you need them.You have the option to provide driver and LED screen control or we can work alongside your staff to give you everything you need. 


All yours when and where

you need it.