How It Works

The trucks work from 7am - 6 pm daily M-F driving the St. Louis Metro marketplace. The routes are determined by GPS and drivers to best blanket
the area and insure your messaging is seen. With advertisement cycles rotating all four screens in under two minutes. Your ad receives 1320
impressions daily. Ads can be kept similar in design or alternate imagery for each screen. Speaking of ads if you don’t have a designer our talented artist can design your ads for you. Ads can be set up to change weekly and evenly daily if needed to stay on top of the ever changing messaging your consumers have come to expect.

Events are ran nightly after 6pm and on weekends. The truck can be used to broadcast TV/ video, presentations, onsite advertising, sporting events,
short run roaming ad cycles, and even a large screen gaming attraction equipped with virtual reality. Pricing structures offer weekly to yearly commitments and start as low as $2095 a month. Still not seeing what your looking for to suit your advertising or event. Please reach out and a sales rep. will work up a customized option for you.

Rolling Advertising Prices

Daily - $395

Weekly - $1125

Monthly - $3440

Quarterly - $7425

yearly - $25,140

Split Ad Space Billed Monthly - $1970
Shorter run periods can be discussed, and the truck is only offered with an option for twelve
advertising spots. This insures promotions are viewed every 60 seconds on the truck. Options
to rent more than the standard 10 second cycle is an available and also receives discounted
pricing for both ads during current run times if needing to capture a larger audience. 

Whats Included

  • Four Screens showcasing your ad along 12 other advertisers - Showing 1320 times daily on our standard 11 Hour Run

  • Your ad receives 220 Minutes daily on screen, 1100 weekly, and 4,766 Monthly... thats 79 1/2 hours of play time monthly

  • Run Times from 7 am - 6 pm to insure the rush hours are covered M-F

  • Your advertising being available to change as often as needed*, and each screen being capable of showing one message or different messages

  • Discounted rates if you purchase more than one ad spot or an event and rolling advertising

  • Screen sizes comparable to 167" TV on the sides of truck - 12' wide by 5 1/2' tall

  • Graphic design and art assistance offered 

  • Your ad is also placed on our site with a message on the truck stating where to view ads if missed while viewing. Allowing your customers to be be forwarded to a URL of your choosing

  • Promotions that can be pre-arranged to run at designated times during the run time.

  • Vehicle runs through out St. Louis, St. Charles, and Jefferson County - truck can also be arranged to swing by store fronts parking and promoting ads before moving to next location.

  • Will work with dealer incentives, dealer bucks, co-op etc. to create a package for your advertising needs 

  • GPS tracking with link supplied so you can view where the truck has been and is currently in real time


  • Truck rental nightly after 6pm and on Saturday or Sunday

  • Parades, Events, Corporate Messaging, Community Outreach, Festivals, Pay Per View Outdoor Broadcasting 

  • Live Feed Television, Web Stream, Connect VR or Gaming Systems to vehicle while also broadcasting messaging or ads

  • Interact via webcam for social media feeds etc.

  • Full audio system to compliment visuals

  • Shore power and generator insure the screens function in any environment or setup

  • Staffing can be supplied for event interactions**

  • Customized banners can be supplied when driver screen is lifted for better crowd viewing and not seeing box internals with your custom branding or messaging

  • Rear door when swung open can also be covered with a custom branded banner to keep from viewing interior

  • Truck does have open space to stuck goods or handout merchandise if needed when onsite

  • Ask how to get the truck free for your event***

*Standard change out includes new art to be swapped in or out weekly for no additional set up fees

**Staffing is supplied and quote will need to be developed per needs

***Pre-sold advertising on all screens minus the lifted driver side to cover cost of unit on location. We can facilitate sales for the event to work with your onsite vendors or offer to outside brands for the exposure. 

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