The company was started with the idea and principle to merge two advertising entities into one. Tim Schuler began working on this concept 8 years ago with four banner trucks that offered a similar solution. The banners though only allowed for one image on the trucks and change outs where timely nad expensive. So to challenge this we looked at the sign industry and the tech industry and decided to offer the best of both worlds, while also making it mobile and ever changing. With screens capable of showing video, images, streaming live entertainment, presentations, and other video or image formats you could desire. The idea isn't something new as these vehicles appear in New York, Vegas, Miami, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, and the list goes on. We just wanted to offer it to the Midwest and St. Louis and create market that isn't being serviced. 

When the truck isn't being used for the advertising run its available as an onsite promotional vehicle. In its simplest form raise the screen and it functions as an on premise billboard. Want to run video no problem, want to watch the big game as a block party, how about renting it for a parade to broadcast your message, or simply have onsite to display a presentation or images. With four speakers and the ability to play live video, stream the web, hook up your favorite video game console, and even live feed cameras for social media or a sporting event. So much can be done but it takes a phone call to find out what your looking for and what we can do to fill in whats needed. Don't forget to ask about our community outreach if your a first responder. 

Charities and Donations

When B2UM was started one of the ideas we discussed from the very begining was to offer one ad cycle on the truck to a charity of our choosing or work with our advertisers to select a charity they work with. This donation receives all the same benefits of a paid advertisement run and also the link on this site. 

The photo of the Ronald McDonald House image was run for one month and we are glad we could be part of this organization. One of the owners works with their organization on the "Kid's and Clay" which provides funding for the houses.


If you are an organization looking for some marketing pull, a local first responder organization i.e. police, fire department, military outreach, or local community supporting these causes please let us know and we can create an advertising run or send the truck out for an event in the community

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